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Only the Finest Materials.
Only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing each and every model of Streem Speakers. Every model is designed to provide unbelievably crystal clear sound through the whole sound spectrum whether you are watching a DVD or listening to your favorite music.

Speaker Cabinets
Our cabinets are manufactured from 100% MDF wood. The main advantage of using MDF wood when designing loudspeaker cabinets is it's ability to absorb vibrations, especially at higher volumes.

In addition, we have also reinforced our cabinets internally, added additional internal padding in our larger model speakers and our front channel tower speakers include gold plated floor spikes to decouple them from the floor dramatically reducing any vibrations between the cabinet and the floor. When cabinet resonance is significantly reduced the result is a truer, more accurate reproduction of sound.

In developing a high quality driver for our speaker systems we decided to use polypropylene on the driver's cone to increase the accuracy of the response as well as lengthen the life of the driver itself. Cones constructed with polypropylene are more durable than cones constructed with less enduring materials and ensures that you will enjoy your Streem speakers for years to come.

All front and center channel speakers developed by Streem contain magnetically shielded drivers to eliminate any interference with other equipment in your home audio theater setup.

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Responsible for the high end of the audio spectrum is the tweeter. Tweeters reproduce sound at very high frequencies which results in heat being generated which could potentially damage the tweeter.

Our dome tweeters are ferrofluid cooled which keeps the tweeter from overheating by dissipating heat away from the voice coil, again ensuring a long life for the tweeter.

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One of the most important features of any multi-way speaker is found inside the speaker cabinet itself. The crossover network is responsible for sending the right audio signal to the right driver. i.e., low frequencies to the larger drivers and high frequencies to the smaller drivers.

We use Butterworth crossover networks in all of our multi-way speakers. Crossovers featuring Butterworth filters provide an optimally flat frequency response which ensures that all sounds are played at an equal volume no matter how low or how high the frequency resulting in a truer, more realistic and accurate sound quality.

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