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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
[updated April 4, 2006]
Q. Where can I find reviews on Streem speakers?
A. We often receive testimonials from our customers on their personal experience with our speakers. In order to share these experiences with our future customers we publish many of these reviews on our website. Some of our customers have also been so kind as to publish their unique experiences with our products on the leading home audio website on the Internet - is an independant website that allows web surfers to research their home audio purchases through actual customer reviews and messages posted in their home audio discussion forums.
Q. Where can I find "professional" reviews on Streem speakers?
A. A little known fact regarding "professional" speaker reviews is that they are "bought". Professional reviews do not come about because an editor sees a product and decides that it is worthy for review. Manufacturers solicit these professional reviews from industry magazines and websites and they pay dearly for this service.

We could easily submit our products to any number of publications for their review, however we would have to increase the cost of our products dramatically which would begin to erode our founding principle of offering the highest quality, best sounding home audio theater speakers at the best possible price.

We place a high value on the reviews that we receive from our customers through our website, on and on other postings throughout the Internet. It is our firm belief that the thoughts and feelings expressed in an actual customer review on our speakers, from a consumer such as yourself, is worth ten times more in substance than any review for which we could pay thousands of dollars. After all, our customers pay us money and still give us outstanding reviews time and time again.

Q. Are the specifications listed on your speakers accurate?
A. It is a well known fact that numbers play a hugely significant role in North America when it comes to a consumers choice in home audio theater speakers. Although difficult to compete with some companies inflated specifications and suggested retail pricing structure we are standing our ground and providing prospective customers with accurate, true values. In most cases our specifications are modestly underrated as are our suggested retail prices. We develop our speakers for our customers and rely on their reviews and word of mouth to speak for the quality and performance of our speakers.
Q. Are Streem speakers high-end speakers?
A. Absolutely. Everything about our speakers is high-end - except the price. We cut no corners when developing our speakers and use only highly refined, high-performance components to ensure that, not only will our speakers out-perform the competition, they'll last longer too.
Q. Are Streem speakers magnetically shielded?
A. All of our center channel and front channel speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with other components in your home audio theater configuration.
Q. What types of speaker wire connectors do you use on your speakers?
A. Every speaker model we design and manufacture is equipped with gold-plated banana plug compatible 5-way binding posts, including our center channel and rear surround models.
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Q. Why are your speakers priced so inexpensively?
A. By developing and manufacturing our speakers and offering them direct to our customers without going through the many levels of distributors and retailers we are able to substantially reduce our operating costs and expenses. We are then able to offer our full line of high-end home audio speakers at a fraction of the cost of other retail sales focused speaker companies.
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Q. What is the break-in period for Streem speakers?
A. It can take from 12 to 48 hours of use at normal listening levels to fully break in your Streem speakers. After the break-in period your speakers will perform at peak performance.
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Q. Why should I use the floor spikes that came with my speakers?
A. Each model of our floor standing speakers is equipped with floor spikes which allow you to "decouple" your speakers from your floor. Positioning the speaker above the floor and reducing its contact to 4 small points greatly increases the accuracy and sonic qualities of the speaker. If the speakers are to be placed in a carpeted area the floor spikes may be unnecessary.
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