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Streem Customer Reviews
[updated: February 13, 2016]

We realize that to buy home theater speakers online can be a risky thing: you can't listen to them, you can't touch them and you can't see them with your own eyes. Couple this fact with the vast number of companies that want you to choose their speakers and it leaves many consumers scratching their heads in confusion. So, if you choose Streem how do you know you are making the right choice?

Our customers reviews on our products are, in many cases, the deciding factor when a new customer chooses Streem for their home audio theater. Our sincerest thanks go out to our customers who have decided to share their Streem experience with the world and we hope that if you choose Streem you will share your thoughts as well.

Following are excerpts of some of the many emails we have received from happy and, dare we say, elated Streem customers:

"We reviewed the HT-500 speakers when we first bought them 7 or 8 years back, and would like to re-submit a review, saying just how well they have lasted and still sound exactly the same. We are incredibly happy with this set-up and a great product. The only difference in our set-up is a new Amp and could not be happier with the speakers. They are now part of a 7.1 system and sound amazing."

David B. from Chilliwack, BC | HT-500's

"I purchased to BP 200 Streem speakers about seven years ago. They are powered by a 220 watt JVC receiver, I have the TV and the DVD player plumbed through them and the sound has always been awesome. These speakers replaced some 15 inch woofers which I thought were pretty awesome at the time, but when I put the streem speakers on was so awesome I could not believe it. I did obey the break in instructions to the letter and only gave it low volume for the first 24 hours of play, I don't know quite what the reason is for that but I was careful enough that now 7 years later they still produce wonderful sound all the way down to around the 25 Hertz level and I am still amazed. When I bought these I was looking at 2 speakers, I don't remember now who manufactured the others but they were advertised to go down to 50 Hertz. I chose these and I still could not be happier with them. For the money you cannot buy a better speaker. I can feel the vibration in my lungs when I crank up the volume."

Tom B. from Coquille, OR | BP-200's

"I brought these speakers(HT-335) home and hooked them up to my pioneer reciever and was amazed by the sound quality. I have never heard such wonderful noise coming from a set of speakers, it was like listening to my music all over again. These speakers are big and heavy, constructed very well. These are so good, i might pick up another set. I am a very, very satisfied customer and will recommend these speakers to anyone."

Brad J. from Niagara Falls, ON | HT-335's

"Hello friend I just got my speakers. I just want to tell you that I am very very very happy the speakers are freaking awesome was very shocked by the soundthat came out of them. I have a onkyo 900 watts 5.1 receiver and it handles beautiful, without my 200 watts power subs. Love them thank you so much you deserve more than 5 stars man"

Josuelle O. from Schenectady, NY | HT-335's

"We Bought a set of the Streem HT 335 speakers, and couldn't be happier. We now really enjoy watching our movies and television, the speakers look great, and the price is fantastic. Thanks again."

Shelby M. from Ottawa, ON | HT-335's

"I have a pair of FS-808 speakers which I am using in a traditional 2 channel audio stereo system and have had them about 2 years now. I got mine on eBay for a very good price. My amplifier is a Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk II, class A tube amp which puts out about 6.5 watts RMS per channel. This drives the speakers very nicely to moderately loud levels with no distortion.

The speakers sound superb used for this application. I'm currently listening to Artur Rubinstein playing Chopin on the piano and it is just like being there in the concert hall, it sounds that good. For the price I think you'd be hard pressed to find another pair of speakers that sound as good. I'd even put them up against speakers costing 10 times what I paid for mine...they're that good. I can recommend these speakers without reserve to anyone who is looking for top quality sound reproduction without breaking the bank."

Ivan D. from Victoria, BC | FS-808's

"As I said in my first review I did move up to Streem 490's for my side speakers and then also for my back speakers for my 7.2 setup. The result is amazing. The diffused sound of the 490's make a huge difference. It makes my 12' x 20' room sound like 20' x 30' room. It now sounds much more like a real theater then just a 5.1 sound. It's a much better home theater experience.

The Streem SR-490 speakers are such a great deal. Very well built, very good sound quality at a price I just can't figure how the heck they do it for hundreds less then it's competition. I now have a bunch of friends completely rethinking their own Home theater setups after listening to my new Streem setup. Thank you STREEM for finding a way to offer really good high end speakers for a price that's affordable to everybody. WOW just WOW."

Ron C. from Pierrefonds, QC | SR-490's

"I have a full 7.2 Denon and I have been using Fluance sxhts speakers I decided to upgrade my front speakers and moving my Fluance front towers to the side speaker position and then adding the Streem FS 808 fronts. Well this was a good move. It's simple, I was happy with the Fluance and now I am happier with the new FS 808 front speakers. Maybe I will upgrade to a full Streem system."

Ron C. from Pierrefonds, QC | FS-808's

"I was using a home theatre speaker package that I picked up at The Source that was listed for $299 at a warehouse sale for $75. Not bad for a bedroom system I thought. After a while I picked up a used Sony STR-DB830 receiver to replace my cheap Panasonic so called 100W/Ch 5.1. Well shortly after setting up the Sony, the speakers were showing their shortcomings.

I'd been looking at the Streem speakers on eBay and found an RW-120 Center Channel Speaker at a great price and thought that would be an interesting taste test. Replacing my , roughly, $15 center channel with this attractive looking cherry veneer speaker was immediately a huge sonic improvement. Nice heavy unit with banana plug connectors, very nicely finished as well. So now my front and rears are severely lacking. I went online and ordered a pair of RW-500 fronts. Shipping was very fast and I couldn't wait to hook them up. Well packed and spikes were included, nice again. I was not at all dissapointed. Musically and home theatre use was very impressive. That side firing 8" goes deep too. I found someone selling another pair privately and picked them up for rears, I do love floor speakers and fortunatley have the room for them. After a while I realized that I no longer needed my subwoofer. Just the other day watching Rush's R30 on DVD and listening to Neil Pearts drum solo it could only have been better if I was Neil himself.

Hey, audio taste is all personal and sure there would be no comparison to something as esoteric as some Martin Logan's but I haven't won the lottery yet, and it's my bedroom! In my living room I have a pair of PSB Stratus Bronze and a pair of Klipsch Synergy F2's with a Polk center and sub and 4 Linaeum's for rears. So I think I have a pretty good reference as to what GOOD mainstream speakers sound like."

Bill P. from Victoria Harbour, ON | RW-500's and RW-120

"It has now been just a little over two years from the time I had purchased the "HT-500 5 Piece Surround Sound Home Theatre Speakers", a secondary set of "RW-500 Home Audio Floor Standing Tower Loudspeakers" along with the "SW-10 Low Frequency Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer" and still have no regrets in doing so. What a phenomenal change these speakers have made when it comes to simply listening to music and hearing the clarity that was lacking before. When it comes to watching movies it is almost like being in the movie itself yet these speakers have never been put to the maximum output they are capable of since they do not have to.

Streem is, without a doubt, a brand worth looking into, comparing with other well-known competitive brands that, in some ways, are not only over-rated but over-priced. Go ahead and see for yourself that Streem speakers are just as good if not better than most competitors out there but without all the hype. Thanks again to everyone at Streem and I am still a true believer!!!"

Steven L. from Surrey, BC | HT-500's, RW-500's and SW-10

"I have had the SR-490s for several months now and I am very pleased. I was looking for a set of bipole speakers for my rear surround and didn't want to pay a fortune. I matched these up with my Polk monitor 50's and a BIC 450 watt sub. They handle music, movies and games equally well and are a terrific buy for the price."

Tom C. from Wells River, VT | SR-490's

"We are very happy with your product, they really rock solid with rock music and with classical. They sound like friends speakers (that cost many times more than yours). Shipping was very professional and we are truly happy with our Streem FS-808's."

Roger S. from Diamondhead, MS | FS-808's

"I purchased a pair of RW-240s for use, not as rear speakers as I have no room for a surround system, but as front speakers. I have to tell you that I am astounded at their performance compared to my old Boston Acoustics HD7s. Everything seem so much clearer and distinct. Excellent highs and spaciousness. Limited bass but I have a subwoofer for that. Cabinet construction is firstrate."

Alan T. from Victoria, BC | RW-240's

"I bought a pair of the FS-808,the cv-525, and a pair of sr-290 on e-bay. These are very good speakers (fs-808). I have athena ls-500, Wharfedale diamond 9.6, 2 sets of Magnepans, Klipsch Cornwalls and fortes,and Kef reference 2s. They image well, are very smooth and have good detail. The build quality is very good and build to last. They are also fairly efficient. If I had to rate them I would place them in the group with klipsch fortes and kef Reference 2s. For the money I payed they are nearly unbeatable."

Walter A. from Fairview, PA | HT-808's

"I bought these speakers about 3 weeks ago I love the design, the way it handles my music. At present I am enjoying Christmas songs but the way these handle the highs and lows are great. I can turn them down low and still hear every detail in the music. The size is another, thing they are perfect. Came well wrapped double wall and in plastic, I highly recomend this unit."

Noel A. from Warren, OH | HT-808's

"Found Streem online, read the reviews, ordered the HT-808's on Wed., got them in 2 days, excellent packaging. Broke them in per instructions. AWESOME!"

Mitchell B. from New Lowell, ON | HT-808B's

"I have two entertainment centers, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. I purchased the streem rw-120 center channel which is a very nice sounding set up and I also have the streem cv-525 center channel. It is awesome and I also have the book shelf speakers. These are all very nicely built speaker enclosures. On the outside they're very good looking and the sounds are awesome. I've had alot of surround sound speakers over the years, and streem is hard to beat. The price is right the people are super cool and they're great to do business with. They have a saying its too good to be true, and im so glad I started buying from Streem. You get a great set of speakers for low cost, and a warranty that proves they're set ups are good. So if you want your tv to sound like your right there in the movie try out some of these. I promise you wont regret it. Thank you for the awesome set up guys. Cheers."

Lance C. from Magnolia, TX | CV-525, RW-120 and RW-240's

"I purchased the RW 500 speakers for my two channel receiver a few years back. Now that I have a Big Screen TV and another receiver 7.1 Pioneer Elite, I completed my purchase of the center speaker RW 120 and a pair of RW 240's. I now have a HT 500 system. I am still blown away at how they sound. Add a separate Sub and you're good to go. Thanks again Station Street."

Brian M. from Calgary, AB | RW-500's, RW-120 and RW-240's

"Finding good speakers at a reasonable price is almost impossible nowadays especially with all the competitive brand names out there. I came across Streem Speakers' website by accident while online and was very impressed with not only the specifications but the phenomenal price they have for such great sounding systems. All I can say is WOW!!!

At first it was difficult to decide between the HT-808 system which has a more prevalent bottom end but are slightly less powerful than the HT-500 system. In the end, after reading all the reviews from other customers, I took a chance and went with the HT-500 Home Audio Theatre Speakers along with an additional set of RW-500 Front Channel Loudspeakers and the SW-10 Low Frequency Powered Subwoofer. The first thing that stood out was how all the speakers came double-boxed and shipping was included. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of these speakers is very remarkable and they are certainly a nice accent to any room especially with the beautiful cherry wood and black finish.

I have to say that this was one of the best purchases I have made in a long time and have no regrets in doing so whatsoever! Like so many others have stated, the sound is incredible and so crystal clear yet when you need that little extra bottom-end it's definitely there but not overpowering! Streem Speakers are just as good if not better than any of the other high-end speakers out there but for a fraction of the price.

If you are in any way doubtful, don't be, as you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Streem to anyone who is in search of an excellent set of speakers with quality sound at a reasonable price. Thanks to everyone at Streem and I will definitely be back again in the future."

Steven L. from Surrey, BC | HT-500's, RW-500's and SW-10

"I purchased a pair of these roughly 2 years ago to replace a pair of Reference front speakers I had. The Reference have 2 x 5 1/4 midrange a 1 inch dome tweeter and side mounted 8 inch woofer. The FS808's far out perform these speakers and the Reference are now my rear speakers. The sound reproduction is astounding, aesthetically they are pleasing plus unmatched performance. I have driven this pair hard on several occasions behind a Denon 100 watt rms per channel AV system and they withstand the power. I was so pleased immediately with the FS-808's that I replaced my Mission centre speaker with a CV-525 and I am equally pleased. If ever I need to purchase speakers there is no doubt in my mind that I would look nowhere else but to Streem."

Les B. from Edmonton, AB | FS-808's and CV-525

"After reading customer reviews, comparing specs, I ordered the BP100 sorrounds. Had the kids hook them up in the family room HT system. There was a unanimous "Wow the sound is big, huge or wide"! Translation-clarity, openess, excellent sound staging and dynamics. I agree! Quality of materials-solid,well constructed, excellent fit and finish. Reputation-Customer service always available. Another online oufit I purchased HT system from on the same date June 2007 have since closed shop(website blank, phones dead,and warranty-well?) Yes I plan on purchasing the HT 500 system, they look gorgoeus and I know the sound would not disappoint."

Joseph E. from Mission, TX | BP-100's

"Great people to do business with. Excellent speakers, very well built very well finished very nice quality I found Streem by chance during an internet search. Their site is informative and their descriptions spot on about the product line. The speakers are well packed to avoid damage, The shipping was quick and seamless. The sound production rivals speakers much more expensive. All in all a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone. Very responsive customer service. I give this company 5 gold stars."

Cameron M. from Redding, CA | HT-335's and SW-10

"I recently bought a pair of BP-200 speakers and cannot believe how well and accurately they perform! On top of that, they are beautiful. I have set up a small listening room for myself so that I can have a place to go and listen to vinyl. I was not looking to spend a great deal of money and simply expected to have a nice, acceptable sounding speaker. I could not have been more surprised or pleased. These speakers are phenomenal for the price. I simply do not understand how you do it. I'm thinking of buying a second set to keep in boxes in case these ever wear out or are damaged! Well done!"

Jim C. from Snellville, GA | BP-200's

"I've owned or built nearly 30 loudspeaker systems, and listened to several hundred over a period of more than 50 years. To replace a set of exceptional near-field monitors, I ordered the FS-808B package and received it a week later in perfect condition. They are exceptionally clear and revealing. Individual voices are distinct in choral groups. Drumheads are clear in massed orchestra. Strings are distinct from their associated boxes (I can hear the "air" between them as with live instruments). Violins don't sound alike or like cheap instruments from a mass-market music store. Vivaldi is a pleasure to listen to. As are Boccherini, Mozart, jazz, pop, and other sources. Satellite radio and TV are great.

The speakers are excellent in stereo or home theater. The sound of the original acoustic space seems to be present. And the relative balance among instruments in concert is maintained at different volume levels ... (something very disturbing to me about many other speakers ... performance changes at different volume levels as they load the enclosure). Before I ordered these speakers, I auditioned Monitor 6s, Vienna Acoustics, Kef, B&W, and a few other high end systems. The FS-808s sound very similar. I can't attribute any differences to more than the listening room. Associated Equipment: Yamaha RXV-463 SonySTR-DG1000 Sony SAW3800 subwoofer Oppo DVD player Samsung HDTV Dish network HDTV receiver All HDMI signal paths."

Stuart R. from Fort Worth, TX | HT-808B's

"Bought SR-490 & the 808's two months ago with some concern because of the lack of hearing them prior to purchasing. Got them and noted the excellent packing. Set them up and let them play for two days to allow for break in. Finally, after two days, I put a CD in the tray and turned it up. WOW!! The Who never sounded so good even compared to my older B&W speakers. At first I thought they were a little bright, but experience told me to let them burn in for a couple of weeks before making any adjustments. I am glad I did, because they sound wonderful now. Next I put a Return of the Jedi movie in and sat back to enjoy. I always had some problems getting proper balance in my rear channel but the bidirectional speakers made listening to THX movies a whole new experience. I can't wait to replace my mid surround and center channel speakers and I hope to even replace the sub woofer in time too with Streem speakers. I couldn't be happier. One note. The speakers have a vinyl finish instead of a real wood veneer like the POLK and B&W speakers I am used to. When you buy a speaker as large as the 808's it becomes a piece of furniture and having a good quality wood veneer would be a nice option at minimal cost. The speakers look good however, and are not an eye sore in my theatre room."

John C. from Gray, ME | FS-808's and SR-490's

"I've had my speakers for 5 months now. I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I'm running a Harmon Kardon AVR 645 pushing 75 true RMS watts. These speakers handle it with NO problem. Movies and music both sound outstanding. I would recommend."

Michael K. from Omaha, NE | HT-808B's

"I bought a pair of FS-808's. I ordered these and got them 2 days later. I could not buy a better pair of speakers anywhere for twice the price. I have a Pioneer VSX-1017TXV-K powering these speakers and i can crank it up all the way and the sound is absolutely cristal clear. I recommend these to anyone looking for a top quality set of speakers."

Pierre C. from Hornell Heights, ON | FS-808's

"I picked up the speakers on Friday and installed them this afternoon, (the wall mounting brackets are a nice touch on your part, I may add). Your packaging was "bullet proof", as there was such a major crushed corner on the outer & inner box, that I was almost not going to accept delivery @ the post office. I had them make a note of it, for insurance purposes, then took them home and I am glad I did. The styrofoam inserts, took the brunt of the punishment and the speakers themselves, did not show even so much as a scuff, well done.

As for sound they are all that I had anticipated! The problem with rear's is that they are for the most part all forward firing and are ineffective unless you are 3 - 4 feet in front of them, (very few folks have the floor space for this arrangement), but these units resolve the problem as I suspected they would. For true audiophile sound I am a 2-channel guy, (my Magnepan's are in my sound room and not my video room), so I am not unfamiliar with premium high quality sound, but I do enjoy a good movie in 5.1, DTX, etc. The design, components and quality of construction of these speakers is exceptional for the low price tag and as far as "surround sound" is concerned, I will highly recommend them to anyone!"

Lyle D. from Mississauga, ON | SR-490's

"ok here we go,i ordered my 808s and a cv-525 monday night after reading many reviews and i was impressed. the shipping was phenomonal,double packaged(which sucked lol couldnt open them fast enough )and they arrived friday 12:30pm (moose jaw sask.) so need less to say i went to work and had to go home sick (cough cough hack hack if ya know what i mean lol). So i hooked these up which where replacing my polk audio s rt1000 s and WOW WOW WEE i was blown away,crystal clear ,nice bass , not over whelming,i am so happy ,center channel is awsome as well,no i just need the rears which i will be ordering very soon :). Craftmans ship is excellent,very nice looking towers and like the other posts easily worth there money double fold. They emailed me right away with my order and the tracking number so it was a peice of mind they where on the way. FANTASTIC product and service,will recomend to all. Thank you very much STREEM. "

Cam D. from Moose Jaw, SK | FS-808's and CV-525


Darryl L. from Calgary, AB | HT-500's, RW-240's and SW-10

"great speakers with awesome sound"

Mike P. from Mount Brydges, ON | SR-490's

"Great sound in an attractive package. Excellent match for my older Angstrom units."

Don H. from Burlington, ON | RW-120

"I have the CV525 as a centre channel and a pair or SR 290's as rear surround speakers. I am very happy with the way they blend in with my B&W front speakers and Velodyne subwoofer. They provide excellent value for the money and I have heard speakers retailing for double and triple the cost that do not come close to their performance."

Bernie M. from Brasd'Or, NS | CV-525 and SR-290's

"To all interested in purchasing extremely good speakers for a good price, Streem is a place to look. I'm an active music listener for the last 35 years and these (FS-808 towers) speakers are by far the best I ever owned, they look awesome and sound even better. They have deep bass (no need for sub) and extremely clear highs.

I tested them on three different genre cd's:Klaus Schulze's "Mirage" (electronic progressive), ZZ Top's "Tres hombres" (hard blues rock) and Carmen's "Fandangos in space" (flamenco rock) and on all three speakers passed with flying colors. I have these speakers for almost six months now and I am more pleased with every passing day. Even my old, non-remastered cd'c sound awesome so I am able to rediscover my collection all over again. I'm proud to be the part of Streem family and I will certainly do bussines with them again. Highly recommended."

Lou T. from Wetaskiwin, AB | FS-808's

"I have now purchased two sets of the HT 808's. One for my first theater room and now my second. Dynamic range is excellent. Speakers are very efficient."

Dave F. from Allen, TX | HT-808's

"Read other reviews before purchasing them and the reviews were good so i decided to try them and i am glad i did. For the price and the sound you get from them got nothing bad to say. So if someone is looking for a good surround sound speaker set up but a reasonable price this is it."

Andy B. from Chapleau, ON | HT-808's

"Totally happy with the 5 speaker system I bought. Everything looks great and works better. I will reccommend Streem speakers, really happy with my decision."

Terrance M. from Lakewood, WA | HT-500's

"Great bang for your Buck! Nice looking and ideal for a 7.1 surround setup."

Stefan D. from Ottawa, ON | BP-100's

"I had no idea that you guys existed until i went on ebay looking for some surround sound speakers. I found these and was in aww after i had listened to them the first time. They are excellent speakers and if i would have heard of your company i would have probably bought more merchandise. You should advertise much more and get out there because you make quality merch and a nice price. Thank you!! Excellent product!!!"

James P. from Carol Stream, IL | SR-290's

"Very well satisfied with this speaker, will add others as funds become available."

Robert S. from Courtenay, BC | RW-120

"Thank you. I have had them a year now and I have not experienced a better sound any where. I own the HT-500 set. Very nice looking. They were packed better then any gear I have bought on line. Thank you for your true sound and quality. I am a true believer."

Len C. from Campbell, CA | HT-500's

"These speakers are amazing! I recently purchased the Streem HT-808 Surround Speaker Package from Station Street, consisting of the FS-808 Front Towers, the CV-525 Center and the SR-290 Rear Surrounds. I have never reviewed any product I've purchased before, but these speakers exceeded my expectations by such a large margin, I thought I'd write.

In the last few months I auditioned (in 2 showrooms) 5 different surround speaker packages and only 1 package sounded better than the Streem's with the biggest difference being the price - $3200.00 before taxes - more than 6 times the amount I paid for this Streem package! The other 4 packages ranged from $640.00 to $2400.00 and none of them was in the same realm sonically or musically as the Streem's. Period!!

The 808's bass response is deep without being muddy or overpowering. The midrange is ultra-clear and crisp without being fatiguing and the treble is very very clean without a hint of sibilance! The 525 center, again, is ultra-clear and crisp and produces midrange effortlessly. The 290's round out the system very nicely. The 808's in Stereo mode (no sub) sound impressive on their own, but in Pro Logic IIx Music mode (with the center, rears and sub on) the effect on cd, dvd (concerts) and satellite tv music is nothing short of astonishing! They sound equally impressive with dvd movies and satellite tv. The key to these speakers, I feel, are the tweeters - cymbals and snares sound like cymbals and snares, crowd noise on sports and live music broadcasts is really defined and genuine and that's not to take anything away from the woofers and midranges in this system because they hold their own very capably. I cannot find fault with any element of the sound any of these speakers produce. Bi-amp the 808's if possible.

The only, slightly negative thing I can say about my entire purchase of this speaker package are the included cables for the 808's and the 525 - do not use these cables - buy decent cables from the money you saved purchasing these speakers (I think Station Street sells cables too), you won't be disappointed.

There are better sounding speaker packages, but you'll have to open the vault up wide to get something comparable to this Streem package.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and it is my pleasure to provide you with this honest review of you HT-808 speaker package."

Martin R. from Deep River, ON | HT-808's

"I have owned the Streem 500 Speakers for 5 months now. One word really says it all. WOW!!!! These are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. My wife and I listen to music a lot more now because we love the live sounding music that these speakers produce. I would recommend these speakers to everyone. The 8 inch woofer is large enough to fill my living room. Keep up the good work. Class AAA all the way. Speakers arrived very well packaged and the fit and finish are top quality. Pure ART"

Stephen A. from North Stratford, NH | RW-500's

"If you looking for the best bang for your buck in a surround speaker system then look no further than the Streem HT-500 series. I luckily came across this speaker company on eBay, read some reviews, called their customer service with questions and then decided to place my order and have not regretted it one bit. These speskers sound as good as they look. I've owned a lot of high end speakers in my younger days and these speakers can go toe to toe with any of the big names that cost 2 to 3 times as much. They are well constructed and with the beautiful cherry wood and black finish, the wife won't even mind these in her living room. When listening to music they're perfect but if you're a movie buff, you may want to consider adding their sub for that extra thump. Not a must but something to consider. Other than that, you won't go wrong with the Streem HT-500's. P.S. Amazingly well packaged when they are shipped to you."

Rob F. from Saskatoon, SK | HT-500's

"Hi friends, I bought few months ago a speaker system HT-808 and I'm very happy with the choice what I made it, because the speakers sounds very good, they also look very good and they handle well every style of music. I powered them with an amplifier Yamaha RX-1500V and a subwoofer Klipsch. They sounds incredible on movies and fantastic on concerts. I think they are great for the money which you pay for them."

Vivian V. from Gatineau, QC | HT-808's

"The speakers look really good and are complement to any room. The sound is very good and makes you feel as if you are in the middle of action of the movie. The price is very fair."

Thomas M. from Bristow, VA | HT-500's

"I bought your BP150 Center Channel Speaker on EBay sight & sound unseen & unheard. It replaces a Cambridge Soundworks CenterStage speaker which caught fire from a candle. I am not sorry I chose Streem and this speaker. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and it sounds wonderful. The build is solid and the finish - I don't know how to describe it well enough to do it justice. Seamless, literally is the piano gloss black finish. I could not find a seam anywhere - including the back. Well done Streem!"

Steve H. from Carlton, OR | BP-150

"Made an excellent addition to our system .Very well crafted and the sound is equal to speakers that cost more ."

David S. from Jarvis, ON | BP-150

"I bought the Streem HT-808 5-piece surround sound combo. I have been using these speakers for 1 year now and am very happy with my purchase. The speakers arrived via UPS from the Canadian distributor one week after I ordered them. They were extremely well packed, and my first impression was that they looked fantastic. I connected them to a Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver with 10-gauge wire and banana plugs, and then used the receiver's built-in autoconfigure tool to set the speaker levels. This actually produced a very unsatisfactory result. The problem was that the front tower speakers produced so much bass response that the receiver decided it was best to turn off the subwoofer. After some manual fiddling with the receiver settings (needed to set the front speakers to 'small' to get the sub to work), I finally got some impressive bass sound.

The front speakers each have 4 banana sockets and support bi-amping. So I removed the bridge and used the two unused side channels from my 7.1 receiver to provide additional power to the front channels. Both the Streem speakers and the VXS-1015TX included instructions for doing this. For those not familiar with bi-amping, it essentially doubles the power being fed into the two large front speakers from the receiver. The sound I am now getting from the HT-808 system is phenomenal. Are these the best speakers on the market? No. You can do better if you are prepared to spend an arm and a leg. But for the price the HT-808's represent fantastic value."

Andrew R. from Airdrie, AB | HT-808's

"I'm very happy with my purchase. Like most people, I was a little bit sketchy with buying speakers online without having listened to them first, but after receiving them, I can recommend them without hesitation to those considering purchasing these speakers. Clean, clear sound without any distortion is all one can ask for from speakers, and these deliver in spades. My highest recommendation would be to state that I would purchase these speakers again without hesitation."

Alan S. from Medicine Hat, AB | CV-525 and FS-808's

"Excellent speakers, I am very impressed with the company in all aspects. I will definitely purchase more speakers in the future and have recommended to several people."

Zsolt K. from Brantford, ON | FS-808's

"Great separation and very clean sound. Tight base, very esthetically pleasing. I am happy with my purchase."

Dave H. from Vancouver, BC | BP-200's

"Speakers are more solid than I expected. The sound quality is also solid with a range comparable to the high end (and more costly) speakers in my set-up."

Jason H. from Markham, ON | SR-490's

"I just upgraded to Harman Kardon AVR..old rear speakers were useless! Read reviews and specs on the bipoles. They were just perfect. Older technology but well built and for the price...W O W !!"

Charles F. from Denton, TX | SR-490's

"Fit and finish, Incredible clarity and realism. True uncolored reproduction. Out of all the components I ordered on line, the Streeem speakers were packed the best.

I have been in and around all facets of the music industry since I was 16 years of age. I just turned 60. Since I retired in 1999, I started collecting alot of older HIFI speakers and Tube amps. Sound Dynamics speakers; Infinity RS-6; Older Bose; ARs ect. I have a system in every room in the house. Except the two bath rooms. I wanted the new home theater room to have the HT-500 set. Best choice at any price."

Len C. from Campbell, CA | HT-500's

"Well packaged, fast delivery, great customer service and, most importantly, excellent sound! I listened to Polk, Infinity and JBL first - No competition!! Will be buying from you again. Thanks, Jeff"

Jeff H. from Livingston, SC | HT-808's

"Truly, words cannot describe the value you are getting for the money, with these speakers. It is very unusual to get more for less in today's day and age. Definitely Streem audio has pulled it off. The old adage it's to good to be true, does not apply here, because it is true the speakers are fantastic and more. Don't even think twice if you are doubtful. Buy them, and you won't be disappointed."

Jose Q. from Toronto, ON | BP-200's

"Only good comments on my speaker , (just try too take it away )"

Michel D. from St-Martine, QC | BP-150

"Very happy with my new centre channel speaker it looks and sounds awesome."

Gary M. from Virden, MB | BP-150

"I have been very pleased with the speakers so far, they seem like a quality set of audio equipment."

Brent K. from Shadyside, OH | HT-808's

"I bought the Streem HT-500 speakers 3 months ago. I just finished my home theater room. I have a back ground in music and recording for 40 years. To any one with a doubt. These speakers are the best. Don't waste money on any others. Fit and finish and the way they are shipped, compare to speaker costing three times as much. Lenny says"

Len C. from Campbell, CA | HT-500's

"I've had my eye on the HT808 system for about one year and finally pulled the trigger during Christmas. My wife knew I needed some new speakers so she bought me a pair of Paradigm Phantoms and I wasn't really impressed. They were just too small for my room. So, we exchanged them and got the entire 808 system with the SR490 rears,, all at about the same cost of the two Paradigms. Best yet, the sound is great and really fills the room. I'm very impressed. 2 Channel music sounds great and the 5 speaker home theatre is excellent while watching movies. It's understandable to be a bit hesitant buying speakers without hearing them, but I'm glad I "took the chance". Put me on your list of happy customers who now has an impressive sound system for about $800. You can't really go wrong. Thanks"

Barry R. from Thompson, MB | HT-808B's

"I ordered friday morning and was installing my SR-490's, Monday evening. I needed something of quality at a reasonable price to dress up my audio system since I just bought a Plasma TV. My amplifier and speakers are quite ordinary from a deal at Bestbuy. I started "Superman returns" and skipped to the scene were he saves the plane. The speakers are mind boggling. Save your money and go for these, you won't regret it."

Daniel G. from Carignan, QC | SR-490's

"I recently purchased a pair of RW 500 Speakers from Station Street. I accidentally stumbled across them while surfing the internet, for speakers. I liked what I read as far as specs and positive reviews. In fact I couldn’t find a negative review on any Streem speakers. My biggest dilemma was not if I was going to purchase Streem, but what model. I only wanted a pair of speakers, not the complete surround package, at this point. There weren’t a whole lot of reviews on the RW 500 compared to the HT 808 speakers. I did like the design of the RW 500 speakers, but thought maybe they might have lacked base, where the HT 808 speakers may have had a little more base than I preferred, although I never heard them. This was based on a few reviews only. After talking with the people at Streem they assured me the RW 500’s didn’t lack base period. It just wasn’t as prevalent as the HT 808’s.

I took a chance and am glad I did. I love these speakers. They come doubled boxed and shipping is included. It made it from ST Catherine’s to my door in Calgary in five days. I have them hooked up to a Kenwood KR 9600 Receiver from the late 70’s. This produces a clean 160 watts per channel. I was really impressed with these speakers from the get go. The picture from Stream’s home page does them no justice. The dark cherry wood is esthetically pleasing, and they truly are a real eye catcher. The sound these speakers give off are incredible. You hear everything better, and it really highlights the instruments. These speakers by the way do not lack base at all when called for. I will recommend an equalizer to enhance the sound of any speakers, and bring out the true clarity and sound.

There are better speakers out there, but not anywhere near this price, usually two to three times more. I will continue to buy Streem products after my experience. Thank you Streem."

Brian M. from Calgary, AB | RW-500's

"I purchased the CV-525 Centre Channel Speaker to replace a Polk Audio centre speaker. I couldn't be happier. Great sound. So good - I now want to purchase 4 other speakers to replace the Polk satellite speakers. My surround sound receiver is a Harman Kardon. My sub-woofer is a Polk and is OK. Great product - thanks."

John L. from London, ON | CV-525

"A great set of speakers used to complement my theater. Surround system used as center speakers on my system. Sound great, also look fantastic."

Bryan T. from Melville, SK | BP-100's

"hey guys i just baught this system and i bought a new onkyo reciever for 600 dollors and just hooked up with my streem system and after some songs i relized that my new streem system beats my old boss series. and guess what my neighbers complained to me next day that its not a club its a appartment building. well now i m very happy and my brother said he is going to replace his boss with streem. thanx a lot to give me a great system with free shipment and without breaking my budget. streem is the best."

Muhammad A. from New Haven, CT | HT-500's

"Got the Model: HT-808 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Combo. Nice big sound for our HT setup! Shipping was prompt and packaging was impressive. Everything arrived in one piece. :-) "

Idan S. from Calgary, AB | HT-808's

"Hey guy's I just wanted to let you know that I am running a NAD 2700 THX power amp listed at 150 watts aside at 8 ohms RMS. This amp is capable of putting out 200 watts of dynamic power and up to 400 watts peak in short bursts all in 8 ohms. I am also running an Adcom GTP-500II tuner/preamp with a NAD C542 cd player. You should hear the sound from these speakers with this high end equipment, it will blow your mind. I have left a review already but I wanted to let you know. I have not had a chance to turn this roof/wall blasting power amp up to see how these speakers would sound loud. But again I am impressed with the sound. I will not abuse these speakers. I bought the HT-500 surround set but running the RW-500's in the front with this amp, WOW. Thanks again guy's. Jason K, from Hamilton, Ontario"

Jason K. from Hamilton, ON | HT-500's

"I have bought the HT-808 Kit from a Ontario online store. I've read many reviews about this product and decided to try it. I have this setup for 1 mounth now and Im very happy with. sound is Clear, Bass is enought. Very well craft speaker box. Fit #1 my new home theater setup. for the price Im happy!"

Martin S. from Saint-Bruno, QC | HT-808's

"Awesome speakers. I was a little leery about buying speakers online without the benefit of hearing them. The reviews that I was reading as well as the price gave me a better feeling though and I am not disappointed at all. The HT-33's are all that was promised. Well packaged, quick shipment and excellent sound. I would recommend STREEM speakers in a heartbeat. Thanks for a great product"

Carl B. from York, PA | HT-33's

"I bought the Streem HT-808 5-piece surround sound combo, and added the Streem SW-10 powered subwoofer. I have been using these speakers for 3 months now and am very happy with my purchase. The speakers arrived via UPS from the Canadian distributor the day after I ordered them. They were extremely well packed, and my first impression was that they looked fantastic.

I connected them to a Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver with 10-gauge wire and banana plugs, and then used the receiver’s built-in autoconfigure tool to set the speaker levels. This actually produced a very unsatisfactory result. The problem was that the front tower speakers produced so much bass response that the receiver decided it was best to turn off the subwoofer. It actually took some time to figure out why I wasn’t getting any sound from the sub. After some manual fiddling with the receiver settings (needed to set the front speakers to ‘small’ to get the sub to work), I finally got some impressive thumping sound.

The front speakers each have 4 banana sockets and support bi-amping. So I removed the bridge and used the two unused side channels from my 7.1 receiver to provide additional power to the front channels. Both the Streem speakers and the VXS-1015TX included instructions for doing this. For those not familiar with bi-amping, it essentially doubles the power being fed into the two large front speakers from the receiver. The sound I am now getting from the HT-808 system is phenomenal. To put it into perspective, cranking up the Black Eyed Peas rattles the dishes in my kitchen cupboards in the next room, and vibrates the aluminum siding on the outside of my house. The sound is not just loud though, it is crisp and clear.

I have read a few HT-808 reviews that say you do not really need to buy a subwoofer for this system, but I have to disagree. The HT-808 and SW-10 combination seems perfect. Turning off the sub does significantly decrease the output of the system. I am admittedly a bass freak though, and believe that one should be able to feel a home theatre, not just hear it. Are these the best speakers on the market? No. You can do better if you are prepared to spend an arm and a leg. But for the price the HT-808 plus SW-10 represent fantastic value."

Paul M. from Waterloo, ON | HT-808's and SW-10

"Wow!! Great suround system. They look great and they sound better. It is my first set but I would not buy something else. I realy recomended. There is no better quality product at this price."

Ioan V. from Rocky Hill, CT | HT-808's

"I am running an HK receiver with the FS-808's for music / home theatre. The purchasing process was convenient and the packaging excellent. My only regret is not getting them sooner. These babies rock!"

Keith R. from Kanata, ON | FS-808's

"These speakers are everything I expected and more. The price was very good and the packaging was just superb. The fastest shipping I have ever seen. The sound is second to none. I have listened to 1500 dollar speakers that do not sound as good as these. I'm totally happy with my purchase and have recommended them to many of my friends. I was a little scared at first but now that I have them I have become attched to them. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about purchasing these. The easiest descision you will ever make."

Paulo M. from Cambridge, ON | FS-808's

"I have 2 home theatre setups, both with identical receivers and video displays. One has an expensive Mission Centre Channel Speaker (purchased first) and the other has a Stream Centre Channel (BP-150). My preference is the latter, and I spend more time with listening/watching that unit."

Sulo V. from Carp, ON | BP-150

"The sound quality is excellent. I love the cristal clear sound. The cosmetic perfect !!! The gloss piano finish give them a really nive look."

Martin A. from Montreal, QC | BP-200's

"I just purchased a pair of SR-490s for my home theater and I'm very satisfied. I have about $5k total into my home theater and I was looking to upgrade my rather puny satellite rear channels to larger dipole surrounds for an affordable amount. I was somewhat apprehensive to purchase Streem speakers at first, having never heard about their reputation but, after a little research I felt it was a safe buy. After listening to the 490's for 3 weeks now I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. They do a top notch job of weaving the rear surround channels into an enveloping field that makes movies that much more enjoyable. The finish on the cabinets is a pinch below what I'd expect from a Big Retail chain brand...JBL/Klipsch/Bose,etc. but nothing that should prevent anyone from auditioning these gems for themselves. Frankly, for a Pair of speakers at this price point, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Streem. If you really MUST have a Mahoghany/walnut/oak veneer, go buy Thiel of PSB's and pay the $1100 for it. Everyone else, you owe it to yourself to give Streem a chance."

Jonathan E. from Westerville, OH | SR-490's

"I had just bought a 50" HDTV and was looking to up grade my Home theater. While surffing the internet I came across the HT-500 Home theater listing and went to your web site. After reading all the specs and the reviews I just didn't believe that the speakers could be that good for that low a price.I decided to get a pair of the SR-490 bipole speakers( I have a 6.1 system and wanted a back speaker,the SR-490 was just what I was looking for) this way I could see how well the speakers where made and sounded. I set the SR-490's up in place of my old surround speakers and with in two days I could tell these are excellent sounding and very well made, with in a day or two I went and bought the HT-500 Home Theater set. I have been using them for a few months now and have been nothing but impressed with both the sound and craftmanship of these speakers.This is the first review I have ever returned,and it was my pleasure to do so. Thank you Streem and the best of luck to you, when I need other speakers I'll be looking for you."

Albert V. from Feeding Hills, MA | HT-500's and SR-490's

"I am very pleased with sound and looks of my new Streem Speakers. The customer service from Streem is first class. The shipping and packaging was great -- the speakers arrived in great condition."

Les C. from Edmond, OK | HT-808's

"Excellent quality speakers for the money and amazing customer service."

Razvan N. from Dollard des Ormeaux, QC | HT-808's

"Thanks for delivering my speakers they sound great.  What I am getting out of them is a sonic hallucination.  Thanks a million."

Charles K. from Greensboro, NC | HT-500's

"I never considered myself any type of audiosnob at all. I was using the old speakers I had got in college for my surround system and thought it was ok. Turns out they were just loud. The crisp, clear sounds I am getting from my new Streem System is unbelievable. I can't believe I made do with that old system for so long now. I did comparison shopping beforehand, and the price and quality of Streem blew the competitors out of the water. I ordered them on a Monday and they arrived that Wed! The shipping boxes themselves were impressive...double boxed! Hookup was a snap and the quality of the sound is amazing. I am certainly very pleased with my purchase, but the only problem is I have become an audio snob and find it hard to watch movies at my friend's place now...ha ha"

Brent C. from Fall River, NS | HT-500's

"These are truly a great sounding speakers, I have them as the front speakers on my surrond system, mounted to the wall. the way they project sound is just like advertised where they fill the room, and they can be realy cranked with no distortion(ask my wife...LOL)Great value for the price. I am totaly satisfied with them."

Steve W. from Panama City Beach, FL | SR-490's

"I really enjoy the sound quality and workmanship of these speakers.  I replaced a set of Definitive Technology speakers from Streem's and I'd do it again."

Tony F. from Bridgeport, CT | RW-500's

"i love my new speakers great sound loud, great quialty just need sub and im set. no complantes at all."

Alison D. from Burlington, ON | HT-33's

"Wonderful sounding speakers. Excellent look."

Marc D. from Winnipeg, MB | RW-120

"I just got my speekers hooked up and love them thanks"

Danny M. from Alma, AR | HT-500's

"I have the HT-500 Streem speaker set. I must say for the price I paid for this set, I am very impressed with the sound from these speakers. A great bang for your buck, you should pay alot more for the sound of these speakers. This company stands behind their product and the customer service is superb like their product. I have told friends and family about these speakers and hopefully they will get a reality check and buy these speakers. Thanks guy's for the awesome service and product."

Jason K. from Hamilton, ON | HT-500's

"I recently purchased a pair of FS-808 speakers, to replace a much older pair. The sound from the speakers is very good, and they seem to be very well-constructed. I don't believe it's necessary to have a sub-woofer with these speakers, because the bass seemed great just as they are. Customer service is also excellent, and the speakers arrived quickly, and very well-packed. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase, and would recommend these speakers to anyone."

Pawan J. from Willowdale, ON | FS-808's

"I recently purchased the bp150 center speaker from streem. It seems I made a very good decision. The speaker was doubled boxed. Inside of the inner box, the speaker was wrapped in a bag and a foam piece is on each corner.The speaker has a very clean and professional look to it, I especially like the high gloss finish, it reflects like a black mirror.After hooking it up I was blown away by the sound coming from the speaker.I have seen many  speakers at local dealers but for the price of the Streem you can't get anything that compares in quality or appearance. I have no problem recommending streem speakers for there quality and customer service.I would go as far as calling them xstreem. Great job team Streem!"

Simon Z. from Laval, QC | BP-150

"I could not rationalize spending thousands of dollars on name brand speakers to complete my home theater system; therefore, I did some research to find a good set of quality home theater speakers without blowing the budget.  I believe I have found them, I purchased the HT-808 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Combo a couple of months ago and have been nothing but pleased with the craftsmanship and sound quality.  I was also pleased with the customer service, the staff was able to answer my questions about the product and the speakers arrived in less than a week. I have the speakers hooked up to an Onkyo TX-SR602 receiver and I think the system sounds great!  I am happy that I did purchase these speakers and don't think there are better speakers out there for the price.  I would definitely recommend these speakers for someone looking to purchase a good, high quality set of home theater speakers without breaking your budget."

Eric S. from New York, NY | HT-808's

"I am completely satisfied with the 808 speakers. They are of excellent quality and sound as good as speakers 4 times their cost."

Todd J. from St. Albert, AB | FS-808's

"I have been extremely happy with the purchase of these STREEM speakers. To my ear they are comparable to speakers on the market priced at least twice as much. They offer a high end sound for a very reasonable investment. The process of buying and delivery was seamless and timely. I would recommend both the company and product very highly."

Michael C. from Winnipeg, MB | RW-500's

"Excellent speakers, supurb range and sound quality when connected to a good reciever. Strongly reccommended."

John C. from Denver, CO | RW-240's

"I purchased the HT-33 system ten days ago. So far, so... excellent.

Now, i purchased these system after a few weeks of Internet searches and reading reviews. Basically my final choice was between the Streem HT-33 system and the Fluance SX-HTB. They are very similar in specs and price. My decision to go with the Streem system was based on the fact that the Streem dealer I purchased form offered a 30 day money back guarantee.

It seems I made a very good decision. These babies look awesome... Even my wife likes them :) And they sound awesome as well. I actually picked the up from the dealer, but they are very well packaged and I don't think there would be problems if ordered online and shipped via UPS. I am using a Pioneer VSX-D608 receiver to power them. What else can I say: I don't think you will find better speakers in this price range. In spite of some reviewers complaining about the lack of bass, I think the speakers provide more than enough bass, both for my room and my neighbours'."

Daniel M. from Toronto, ON | HT-33's

"I'am very satisfied with my new speakers. The sound is amazing and I love the shape of them .Thanks"

Igor N. from Montreal, QC | HT-808's and SR-290's

"I am currently building a home theater in the basement and wanted matching speakers all around. An upgrade was needed. I did a lot of searching on the internet looking for great speakers at a low price. Streems prices and free shipping played a large factor in my decision.

I bit the bullet and ordered these on a weekend, they were shipped on monday (shipping is included in the price!), and on thursday UPS was at my door with ALL five boxes. That is what I call fast.

Yes, I was a little worried when I placed my orders. I had never heard of Streem speakers before my research and I did not know the reliability of this company. Let me tell you that you do not need to worry. The speakers are as the site says and customer service is top notch.

These speakers are hooked up temporarily in my living room. I am using an Onkyo TX-DS777 receiver and a JBL sub. The Streem speakers sound awsome and balanced. The spacial field is very nice and at times almost too real. Base was a little too much but a little tweek on the EQ and LFE fixed that. I was using JBL-HLS610's and these blow them out of the water.

All speakers are doubled boxed. Inside of the inner box, each speaker is wrapped in a bag and a foam piece is on each corner. They also include speaker wire (However, I suggest that you use a higher guage). The speakers have gold banana plugs, gold floor spikes, 5 year warrenty, and the list goes on and on.

When I opened the Bipole speakers, I had one speaker grill that had an error. I have sent it back (need an RMA) and streem is replacing it and reimbursing me the shipping cost.

The speakers have a very clean and professional look to them. They are built very well and above all they sound fantastic.

When you upgrade, do not overlook this company or their products."

Sarah W. from Temple, PA | HT-808's and SR-490's

"Oh yes, fully satisfied ! And when my room will ready for my home cinema, i will buy two Streem front speakers !"

Jocelyn P. from St-Augustin de Desmaures, QC | CV-525 and SR-280's

"I purchased the HT-33 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Set... I am very pleased. The speakers are solid and well-finished, the sound is clear and precise, and they can handle a lot of power. I've had them for about 3 or 4 months now, and I am really like what I am hearing.

Keep up the good work!"

Rob R. from Scarborough, ON | HT-33's

"Speakers are exactly as described cabinets have a beautiful finish and sound is crisp and clear. crisp highs and good midrange and lows. Combined with a powered subwoofer, home theater and music listening experience is awesome!"

Chris N. from Westlock, AB | FS-808's

"I am very happy with my new center channel speaker. The sound is amazing and I am planning on buying a set of rear speakers from you in the near future. Thanks"

Jeremy P. from Edmonton, AB | RW-120

"I am very satisfied with the quality/performance in relation to very reasonable prices.

I have purchased the RW-120 centre channel speaker and it has integrated quite well the the rest of my home theatre system.

Thanks, KL"

K L. from Sudbury, ON | RW-120

"I purchased a set of HT-500's from ebay and these truly are high-end speakers. They sound cleaner and less tinny then my old Pioneer set and personally I think it sounds every bit as good as my friend's Klipsch's!

For the price you cannot find any better speakers. Not only do they sound good, the build quality is superb, and they have a great classy look!"

Charles H. from Baton Rouge, LA | HT-500's

"The HT-808 Home Audio Theater Speakers are an excellent value for the money. I added a JBL subwoofer and the set has sound equivalent to speaker sets two to three times their price. In other words, I am very happy with the purchase."

Brian G. from St. Louis, MO | HT-808's

"I was blown away by the sound coming from my 808's, I listen to techno music which has a tendency to be very hard on speakers due to the constant hammering of a very heavy bass line, I have a very nice Denon pre Amp (old school style) with a heavy duty Polk Audio Subwoofer and there is no discernable difference with or without the Sub at mid to high volume, these speakers don't need it, if these speakers are able to handle the music "I" listen to then they will handle "anything" the average or even above average listener will give them. (And I would assume your customers are "above average")

Instead of "Streem" they should be called "Extreem".

And all 4 speakers for $800.00 and some change "Hello" Please do yourself a favor and quit looking for better speakers and if your looking for better speakers at a better price then knock yourself out. You deserve to waste your time."

Joe L. from Aloha, OR | FS-808's

"After receiving my HT-808 5 piece speaker set, I immediately was impressed by the care in packaging. Everything arrived flawless, and when I opened them I was even more excited. The workmanship of each speaker was excellent, and after setting them I was truly blown away. They have the dynamic, rich, room filling sound of systems costing 10X as much. The lows were deep and strong, but not boomy, and the highs were crystal, through a whole range of volume.

The system really sizzled when watching movies, I have never experienced such realism in a home theater set up, and actually got chills like I remember getting only in a movie theater setting. I would not hesitate in purchasing again, and highly recommend them to anyone!"

Blair M. from Harrison Township, MI | HT-808's

"I recently purchased my Streem speakers and I can only say good things about them. First from the initial dealing with Streem Speakers company to the purchase everything has been a pleasure. When it comes to the speakers I was just amazed. The clear crisp sound that they give off is well worth the money. To be honest these speakers could sell for much more. Dealing with a company that is relatively unknown is a scary thing but I would truly recommend these speakers and company. I am going to purchase some more speakers to finish my system and I know they will be Streem speakers.

Good luck in the future Streem..."

Shawn K. from Allentown, PA | HT-808's

"I have been a musician for about 27 years and I have a sensitive ear for good sounding music. The Streem speakers have been a pleasant surprise for being good and affordable speakers. Now I have been watching more concert DVDs than ever. The small subs are surprisingly deep and loud enough that occasionally I do not need to turn the separate subwoofer on. The warranty provided is a great thing for a young company to give the customers a sense of confidence. I will gladly recommend the products."

Harry S. from Edmonton, AB | HT-33's

"J'ai fait l'aquisition du HT-500 par EBAY ,la livraison a été très rapide, tout a bien été protègé pour le transport. Suite à la réception, la surprise de les voir en vrai(wow!!), car sur écran ce n'est pas comme les toucher en magasin, maintenant toute la famille les utilise (en stéréo ou pour le cinéma maison). Pour son prix et la présentation que l'ensemble nous donne que dire de plus «pouvez-vous faire la même chose avec des automobiles?»"

Daniel L. from Rock Forest, QC | HT-500's

"I recently purchased an array of STREEM speakers to compliment my new Harman Kardon AVR630 receiver. In order to utilize the 7.1 feature I ordered

Model: HT-808 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Combo Model: SR-290 Rear Surround Speakers

The shipping and handling was not too bad. I received the speakers within 5 days (excludes weekend).

The installation was fairly simple and upon careful inspection, the craftsmanship rivals those of high caliber audiophile systems. Nice -- tight design, and non of the paper thin crap you get in Asia.

A few mp3s and dvds later, I began to appreciate the investment. Thanks STREEM."

AA Dist. USA from Granada Hills, CA | HT-808's and SR-290's

"The Streem FS-808 are fantastic speakers. They push out very good lows and with the design of the cone placement, the high end remains at ear level.

Very glad on my purchase of these."

Jason H. from Saskatoon, SK | FS-808's

"I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the HT808 speaker package I purchased recently. The product does indeed stack up to reviews that others have posted on the internet. I just love its rich balanced sounds - especially the nice deep bass. It is a quality product at an amazing price. Service was excellent, and it was a pleasure to meet the people behind this product."

Jacob E. from King City, ON | HT-808's

"I purchased the HT-33 5 speaker surround set. I have been using these speakers for the past couple of months and they are outstanding for the price i paid. I have seen many sets of speakers at local dealers but for the price of the Streem you can't get anything that compares in quality or appearance.

These things come double boxed, so don't worry about any shipping problems. A purchase I would definitely repeat."

Bob D. from Sherwood Park, AB | HT-33's

"This HT-500 set is the most incredible sounding speaker system I've ever heard. I thought it would take thousands upon thousands of dollars to acheive a sound this clear and brilliant. I'll never listen to a sound system the same way again."

Brent T. from Saskatoon, SK | HT-500's

"I purchased the HT-200 5-Piece Piano Gloss Surround Sound Speaker Combo recently. Let me begin by saying that these speakers look gorgeous right out of the box. In fact, I was so impressed with the look of the speakers, I ended up renovated my entire den in order to showcase their beauty.

When people walk into my den, it is rare that any miss seeing the speakers. They standout and compliment the room perfectly. But for those person less perceptive, they too perk up when I turn on my receiver. These speakers sound AWESOME!!!

I threw in a CD mp3 mix that had a bit of everything - some dance, techno, classical, jazz, rock n' roll, new age and instrumental all mixed together. I was blown away at how well the speakers accomodated the various genres!! So I started listening to CDs I haven't listened to in 15 years. You know something sounds great when - without you realizing it - your 40 year old legs start dancing again and your playing air guitar. The vocals from the centre speaker is crystal clear. The highs and mid-range sound is clean and smooth. It feels like a wide open soundstage coming right out of my walls. Yet the sound emitted is warm and soft when the occasion calls. The speakers are far superior to the Polks I have (that are now in the basement) and at least as good as or better than my brother-in-law's Axioms."

David R. from Thornhill, ON | HT-200's

"I was looking for a quality full 7.1 surround sound speaker set. I looked at the Klispch, Infinity etc..but they were way overpriced. Then I found the Streem speakers..the price fit my budget much better so I went ahead and made the purchase. I will say, the order and delivery went perfectly!

And the sound, well, I am so happy that I didn't buy the others mentioned. These are twice the build quality and the sound is supperb..Our HT room is 40' long by 18' wide. these things are nothing short of awesome! If your looking to save money, but not sacrifice on quality, I urge you to try out Streem. You will NOT be dissapointed!"

Allen C. from Platte City, MO | HT-808's and SR-290's

"After much deliberation and checking out the speaker reviews at, I decided to purchase the HT-500. You will not find better sounding or looking speakers in this price point! Prompt service, great return policy and warranty. I am proud to recommend these speakers to all my friends. STREEM is another great Canadian success story!"

David J. from Miami, FL | HT-500's

"I ordered the HT-808 speaker system with some hesitation since I couldn't hear them prior to buying. I'm also "old school" and felt that the kind of bass response I like can only come from large woofers. A subwoofer was going to be a must, or so I thought. The speakers arrived very well packaged(double boxed) and impressed me with their build quality. I thought they sounded good right out of the box but with break in they keep sounding better and better over all frequencies. The bass response actually rivals the monster speakers I've had in the past. A subwoofer really isn't required at all. Just the same I see that Streem has one now and I certainly have no reservations about buying another product from this company."

Dean M. from Chilliwack, BC | HT-808's

"I was very reluctant to buy speakers over the internet. There are a lot of quality speakers on the market today. It is just a matter in the end "How much you want to spend?". I bought the 5 piece set of the 808's plus the BP-100's for a 15x20 media room. I use a Yamaha RXV 2500 and a 12" Velodyne for a sub woofer. So for less than $2k I have a room that sounds like a $4k-$5k test room when I went to a custom home theater store. The quality of the speakers was top notch from a manufacturing perspective. There were no flaws, the wood is all properly constucted and the gold terminals were solid. The speakers came double boxed and there were no issues with anything! So if you want to spend 2x the cash and buy a set at a local store knock yourself out. Otherwise, this is a great set of speakers at a bargin price (most likely due to the direct sell over the internet). Thanks Streem!"

Dave F. from Allen, TX | HT-808's and BP-100's

"Let me start by saying that I was extreamly surprised by the sound from the CV-525 Center Channel Speaker, that I thought I'd try the SW-10 Low-Frequency Powered Subwoofer. With these giving the front sound in my home thearter I decided to add a pair of SR-290 Surround speakers & I was not disappointed.

For the price, including delivery I couldn't have purchased anything local that could match the quality & sound I have managed to get from the Streem speakers.

I will be adding a Center Rear in the near future to complete my Home thearter."

Phillip H. from Edmonton, AB | CV-525, SR-290's and SW-10

"I purchased the HT808 w/sub. All I can say is, great speakers, great price, and even better service!

Excellent speakers, along with excellent service... I can't say much more.

It is amazing that I purchased the HT808 theater system along with the sub-woofer and a Pioneer vsx1014 receiver for less than $1300.00

The system sounds as if I spent a small fortune...


John D. from Highlands, TX | HT-808's and SW-10

"Bought the HT-500 system,it is by far superior to systems 2 to 3 times their price.Clear sharp highs, good base w/o sub woofer.Bi-wire gold plated binding posts,90dB sensitivity,solid build,great looking,work best with DVD and HDTV.Sound is more than wife and dog can handle in an 16' x 20' room w/ 12 ft. clg.( p.s. spend the money saved on a high quality receiver with 90 to 100 watts/channel.)"

Winfried P. from Woodbine, MD | HT-500's

"The speakers are awesome, They were much better than I anticipated. The Home theater just came alive!

The speakers that I had were some pioneer speakers that I thought sounded fairly good and I was looking to upgrade and when I found the Streem speakers I was concerened as I didnt know there history or reputation, But I gave them a try and I am now a confirmed believer. I would and will be buying Streem speakers from now on."

Brad J. from Vancouver, WA | HT-200's

"The HT 808 surround system from Streem has been nothing less than what I expected. I did research on this speaker system and talk to the shipping people in Canada. Very courteous and polite. My amplifier is a 6.1 Yamaha pushing 100 watts per channel Rms At .06 thd and this system rocks the house at all ranges. Highly recommend these speakers for the price."

Robert M. from Lompoc, CA | HT-808's

"We had listened to alot of home theater systems including bose, polk, jbl, klipsch etc. and for the money streem sounded better and as good as some systems 3 times the money. I have no problem recommending streem speakers for there quality and customer service."

Dave S. from Edmonton, AB | HT-808's

"I recently purchased HT-33 speakers set, and so far I can tell you this, GREAT SOUND, great look, awesome price. You can't find any better product in this price range, and I would say lots of speakers that cost much more, don't even getting close to quality of sound that these speakers have."

Michael B. from Vancouver, BC | HT-33's

"I have found my speakers to be excellent. They not only look great but sound awesome. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend highly to anyone."

David B. from Chilliwack, BC | HT-500's

"The speakers came in a well packaged box. Upon installation on my system, they perform very well, and have really enhanced the quality of sound.

The speakers and stands were shipped very promptly, and I had them up and running in a week from ordering. Nice quality finish and looks, and highly recommended. Give them a try."

Glenn N. from Canmore, AB | CV-525 and SR-280's

"The speakers are a nice improvement over my ten+ year old speakers. My taste in music is quite varied and the speakers sound great. I also use them occasionally for movies."

Dave W. from Elizabeth City, NC | HT-33's

"After careful research I purchased the CV-525 center channel and SR-280 rear surround speakers. They are really great and sounds very good. Much better than my previous set."

Alex T. from Nepean, ON | CV-525 and SR-280's

"The recently purchased center speaker is performing exceptionally well so far."

Lionel V. from Mississauga, ON | CV-525

"I am very pleased with your product and the manner in which the sale was completed."

Daniel S. from Ellisville, MO | HT-200's

"Great speakers for a decent price. Keep up the great work."

Dean S. from London, ON | CV-525

"These speakers provide great sound for the price. I have a Pioneer VSX-D514 reciever that gives them a very nice sound."

Matt T. from Covington, KY | HT-33's

"Solid performance for the price."

Przemek K. from Mississauga, ON | HT-33's

"I bought the 808 package, 5.0 speakers. No sub woofer. The main speakers are just awesome, the center is very good as are the rear speakers. The rears are small but handle the power through them just fine. No distortion through any of them. I do only have 100 watts per channel. I bought a sub woofer after three months. This did add to the over all sound. Everybody that has heard this speaker package loves them. I love them. I would buy them again."

Bill W. from Brimfield, MA | HT-808's

"The sound quality of the HT-808 is so awesome that even my wife admitted to hearing the differnce from my old speakers."

Chris E. from Airdrie, AB | HT-808's

"I love these speakers...they r better then Polk and other major brands...Very Nice set of speakers"

Asad I. from Oak Grove, KY | HT-808's

"WOW! Thats the only way to sum it up for WOW! I'm having a hard time believing I paid under $1000 Canadian for the HT-808 speaker system. The sound is incredible, paired with a Yamaha RX-V2500. I set the system up last night, and am thoroughly impressed. Why anyone would want to pay thousands of dollars to have a popular brand nameplate on the front of their speakers is beyond me. The customer service is incredible, I ordered one day, and got them the next. Excellent packaging as well! For anyone looking to start a home theater, or to upgrade those JBL's you still have from the mid 80's, this is the set to go with, without a doubt! With a full 5 year parts and labor warranty, you can't go wrong. Excellent service!"

Duane F. from Trenton, ON | HT-808's

"After the death of our 32" Sony television, I decided that the time had come to upgrade to a full home theater. AT the same time, I did not want to invest a huge amount into something only used a few hours a week. Therefore, my goal was good performance at a decent price. This became my mantra.

I played with some home-theater-in-a-box products, but was usually disappointed with either the quality of the included speakers or the awkward user interfaces. I ended up deciding to build a system from components.

I salvaged much of what I needed from my old stereo system. This included a nice subwoofer and some similar towers for the fronts. However, what to do about the center channel?

I searched and prodded, but it seemed that everyone had a different opinion. Many recommendations were for products that exceeded $400, which was more than I paid for the receiver. Finally, I ran across a review of the Streem CV-525 on Epinions. "Really,” I asked myself, "Could it be that good for only that much?" The temptation proved too strong, and shortly I had the CV-525 on its way to my house.

It has proven itself a reliable performer. It has strongly projected vocals and effects for everything from "Star Wars" to "Gone with the Wind", NFL games and the Rose Parade. All are clear and clean and have a wonderful feeling of presence in the center channel. I am very happy with my choice."

Charles J. from Loveland, CO | CV-525

"I received the speakers in Dec.04 I was impressed with the appearence of course, The is look very upscale. They are just as the add states,...deep bass and liquid clear highs. Thank you very much. I think you are on way to being a house hold name in many countries. The speakers are very dramatic on movies. And yes, they do humble many a tower speaker! They are very detailed on music. The longer I have them the more I enjoy them."

Harry M. from Hayward, CA | HT-200's

"I bought a CV-525 recently as a completion to my 6.1 system, and it sounds great. This is my first attempt at a real stereo system (previous "system" was a bookshelf mini with two speakers) and I did a lot of research before buying my components. There wasn't a lot of independent reference material and reviews for the CV-525 but the available material endorsed the product. The 5-year warranty showed confidence in quality so I took a chance.

I don't have anything to compare the CV-525 to, but I am quite impressed and very happy with my purchase. The speaker fits in well with my other speakers with regards to color, size (perhaps a bit large), build quality, and audio quality.

I would certainly buy Streem speakers again and would definitely recommend the CV-525 to anyone who asks for my advice. I could probably use a set of 3-way floor-standing units and I've been eyeing the FS-808's!"

Ghislain B. from Salmon Arm, BC | CV-525

"I recently purchased the HT 33 system for my basement home theater. I was concerned that the speakers would not deliver a powerful sound, but this was simply not the case. Not only is the sound powerful, but it is also very clean, even at the highest volumes of my 150 watt receiver.

I used this system to replace an older system. I was going to use the old sub from my other system, but it went out a day before the Streem set arrived. So, I used the system without a sub and was pleasantly surprised at the lows. Adequate for most users I'd say. I did however purchase a new sub to shake the walls.

All in all I am very pleased with the system. All the reviews on the Streem site are the real deal. This is an excellent deal."

Larry C. from Marengo, IN | HT-33's

"First I would like to say that the people at Streem are some of the nices professionals you would want to deal with. I was a little uneasy buying speakers off the internet.With the product information provided I was put at easy. There was never at time that the personnel did not return a call or e-mail in a responsive manner. OK, what about the speakers??? They are GREAT!!! I have done a lot of listening and they do compare with the best of them. Do not think twice, these are very good speakers, and at these prices you cannot do better."

Keith E. from Tustin, CA | FS-808's

"I would like to say that I really like my Streem Product.I have a Bose center channel that I replaced with your Streem center channel.I have not unhooked it to hook the Bose back up since I have received your product.I have been a big speaker enthusiast since my early teens.I am waiting for a friend of mine to come over to my house to listen to this cener channel and then I am going to talk him into buying his house speakers from Streem."

Troy W. from Deseronto, ON | CV-525

"These speakers sound great they can handle the power of my HK amp all night long every weekend. There shipping was very fast and packed well. I bought these speakers because of the price and quality and the great reviews. I will buy STREEM speakers again."

Phil R. from Thunder Bay, ON | FS-808's

"My wife and I are very happy with the model HT-33 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Set we purchased. We got a great price, the communication during purchase and shipping time was excellent and the speakers sound and look great. I was impressed with the construction and even the directions. Not to mention how well the speakers were packed for shipping. Thanks for the service."

Dave C. from Nelson, BC | HT-33's

"Very nice looking and sounding speaker. It has really improved the sound of my system, with great improvement in the dialogue in movies. Very impressed with customer service."

Glenn N. from Canmore, BC | CV-525

"Dear Streem, The speakers I recived from your company are wounderful, as a boy they where always the kind of speakers my uncle would have , and now I finally have a set of my own. Thamks"

Torey A. from Los Angelas, CA | HT-200's

"i like very much my new Streem center surround speaker ! It is an incredible quality sound for the price, and the speaker look very well. Thanks a lot !"

Jocelyn P. from St-Augustin de Desmaures, QC | CV-525

"These speakers look & sound Great!I am using with an Onkyo TX-SR602 receiver and they sound Fantastic! Highly Recomended!"

Bob L. from Foley, MO | HT-33's

"Exceptional speakers! They sound and look great. Highly recommend."

Terry P. from Victoria, BC | FS-808's

"Excellent product. Well worth the price. Very pleased."

Brian D. from Nanaimo, BC | HT-808's and SR-280's

"I was looking for reviews on home stereo equipment online and stumbled across Streem. I searched for several days trying to find even one bad review with no luck. So I decided to give them a try. I wanted the best speakers and was willing to spend two to three times what I did on the HT-808 system. These speakers are amazing. The first thing I noticed was how heavy they were. They were very strongly built and they look sharp. Once I had them hooked up I realized I needed to upgrade my speaker wire because these handled so much more. I was impressed before I got the new wire and was absolutely amazed afterward.

If you are upgrading from a "Theater in a Box" setup, prepare to be blown away. The center channel recreates voices so well its almost scary. If you by streem speakers in a set, the speakers are so well balanced that you won't need to mess with your balance and fader settings. The towers are loud and accurate. Especially after you've had a chance to break them in a little. The more I use them, the more I love them. These speakers are worth far more than they are being sold for. You should get a set before everyone else finds out about them and the prices go up."

Benjamin E. from Ames, IA | HT-808's

"I purchased my surround speakers on-line and was a little skeptical about doin so. Other reviews were very helpful for me in making the decision. I wanted to add a full surround speaker system after having recently bought a new television and decided to make it a full home theatre system.

The full 5 year warranty that Streem was offering on the product also helped me choose them, after reading the specs of course. My dealings with Station Street were very smooth and delivery was very quick.

The speakers arrived, very well packaged and I could tell immediately that they were very solidly made. They not only have a very nice, solid sound but are pleasing to the eye. I listen to progressive rock mainly and really love to hear crisp lows and highs, which are produced very nicely with this speaker system. A sub-woofer isn't necessarily needed as these speakers push a lot of sound, but I may add one eventually just to get a little extra uuummmppphhhh!!!

I'm sure one can get a lot better speaker if you're willing to drop $5K on a set, but as far as bang for the buck goes, the Streem HT-500 surround set is a solid buy. I have no regrets for making the purchase."

Randy P. from Charlottetown, PE | HT-500's

"I have four FS 808 speakers, one per output. They are driven by two Crown 145 watt per channel XLS 202 amplifiers, A DBX 166XL compressor limiter gate, BSR EQ 3000 equalizer/analyzer, with pink noise generator, Numark Mix 1 CD deck, Furman PL8 power conditioner. The speakers have plenty of sonic power, but a bunch of speakers can do that, but the really best part is that you don't have to turn them way up to sound good like you have to do with most speakers. So at normal sound levels they sound balanced across the normal range of hearing. Even though the speakers were set up with a pink noise generator and equalizer I am not sure it is required to sound good. Also they don't wear your ears out listening to them like some speakers do. Even my wife said that they sound good. Thats good enough for me."

Newton B. from Salida, CO | FS-808's

"HT-808 is simply amazing! FS-808 (fronts) are so musical and warm. Center and surrounds just complete the perfect home theater speaker setup. BTW, my HT-808 is driven by Pioneer VSX-1014TX-K receiver. I was afraid that the sound will be too bright. I was wrong! :) The whole system sounds very warm and pleasing. One more advice: buy 12 GA Sound King speaker wire from The speaker wires that were shipped with HT-808 seemed a little thin for the best possible performance."

Oleg S. from Rockville, MD | HT-808's

"I recently purchased a Streem Model: CV-525 Center Channel Speaker as part of upgrading my system to surround sound. The Streem Centre Channel delivers clear dialogue at low or high volume with no distortion. It has good range and it blends very well with my Klipsch front speakers. Great sound at a great price!"

Ben H. from Jordon Station, ON | CV-525

"I bought the ht500 speakers and am very happy with purchase. The highs are very sharp and mids are clear and combine together are clean and crisp. The bass although has not the lows I needed but bought a powered sub to fill in. I thank you for this quality product."

Jerry E. from Brandon, MS | HT-500's

"We have nothing but good things to say about the speakers. The volume is ample and the surround effect is suprisingly realistic ... the system has been flawless."

Geoffrey S. from Charlottesville, VA | HT-808's

"Well I can't say enough about how good of an experience it was buying these 808 speakers. The product and especially the service were both absolutely phenomenal, the best. The speakers are beautiful, solid, quality units that sound far beyond what my expectations were. (Which are always high) Just the front’s speakers were worth the amount paid. The overall sound will give you chills. (You will want to listen to all of your music again)Very heavy sensitive magnets give you explosive sound without having to crank it up. The center reproduces the human voice like nothing I have ever experienced. (Infinity, Polk, and JBL nothing comes close)

The units come with a 5 year warranty and is shipped like a tank with double boxing and enough Styrofoam to fill both my garbage cans. Don’t hesitate to call the service is bar none the best. They answered all of my questions and did everything they could to help me out. A+ for Streem it’s a wise choice."

Jacob R. from Newfoundland, PA | HT-808's

"We started looking for speakers several months ago. After looking around in stores and doing some research via the Internet we stumbled upon Streem speakers. As we are always unsure about ordering over the Internet we were hesitant at first, but the Streem speakers seemed to be great value for the quality. We decided to purchase them and were impressed with the customer service and the packaging (we picked up the speakers and were treated very well).

We decided to purchase the HT-808 and SR-280 package. At first we thought that we might purchase a sub when they become available but now we are re-thinking it as the sound quality is fabulous. Our surround sound is awesome and the speakers look very attractive in our living room. Great value, great service for a great product."

Alex F. from Orangeville, ON | HT-808's

"I've purchased the HT-500 system. I used them for more than just home theater/movies like SACD and DVD-Audio. Even for high quality audio they sound more than decent. I didn't purchase a subwoofer yet and I don't think I really need it. They have enough low end. For this price level the quality is very good.

They are surprisingly professional sounding meaning they're pretty linear and have very detailed midrange. The high range may be a little more clearer and warmer but for that quality one probably would have to spend 5 times more ... Conclusion: Good Quality. The price is unbeatable at this quality. Very serious and professional sales department. I'm a satisfied costumer."

Cristian V. from Smithtown, NY | HT-500's

"We've had our Streem HT-33 speaker set for a couple months now to go with our new Onkyo 6.1 system.

My wife and I have been very impressed with it so far, especially in terms of the value you get. These type of speakers and output could easily set us back a thousand bucks or so elsewhere so it is very gratifying.

We were going to order a powered subwoofer when we bought the speakers but after listening to a few movies there's no need for one as the bass is more than enough.

Kudos to the Streem folks for packing such good value and setting a great price."

Raymond H. from Gainesville, FL | HT-33's

"I was really excited when I received my speakers as they were the last piece of equipement that I needed to finish my Home Theatre system. They were double boxed and very heavy. I love the finish on those speakers. They really look sharp. The build quality is something else. Very solid and well finished. I hooked them up and after a quick setup on my receiver, I was amazed at the sound that came out of them. They sounded very clear and crisp. After a few hours, I was able to crank them up and really hear their real potential. WOW! They were so loud in my 17'X17' room that I could not even talk to my wife who was sitting next to me. I would deffinately recommend those speakers to anyone. Great purchase."

Pat S. from Winnipeg, MB | HT-500's

"Good communication, quick shipping and great packaging. I am really satisfy by this center speaker. The sound is fantastic for the price.

Thanks you Streem !"

Marc C. from Quebec, QC | CV-525

"Like most people I was reluctant to order speakers over the internet but after reading the Streem reviews and comparing specs and prices with other speakers I decided to buy the FS-808's. What a deal and what a sound - even my wife has endorsed this purchase, need I say more. The FS-808's replaced a pair of Wharedale E-50 speakers that I paid $1000 canadian for 22 years ago and the Streem speakers blow the Wharfedales away.

The sound is crisp and clear through the whole range and you don't have to crank the volume to enjoy the sound. The speaker quality is excellent and they are attractive to look at. Don't know what else to say, in this case "hearing is believing". If there is a complaint it is that the Streem's do not get enough publicity - I came across them by chance just surfing the net. Pass the word on - these speakers are awesome."

Tony S. from Norman's Cove, NF | FS-808's

"I was torn between the ht808s and the ht500s but decided to go for the ht500s because they look so sweet. They arrived very quickly and were very well packaged, double boxed with tons of inner packing and styrofoam. What can I say about them? The first word that comes to mind is WOW! I can't believe how little I paid for these speakers. They are very clear and the sound is very distinct with a nice wide sound stage. They have great bass but not too overpowering or boomy. They are quite heavy and you can tell they are built from quality materials. The picture on the website does not show how nice these speakers really look. They have a nice dark reddish brown rosewood finish on the sides with a black finish on the front, back, top and bottom, they're a real eye pleaser. I've used them mostly for movies but they are fantastic for music as well. If you're looking for high-end home audio but don't want to break your bank go for Streem. You will not be disappointed!"

Todd J. from Santa Monica, CA | HT-500's

"Well, where do I start, from the very first phone call to the last wire connected, the best deal on the net! Great customer service and perfect SONIC-PLEASURE!!!! The 808 H/T package is the one I ordered {+3 extra ones, 2 extra surround and 1 back center, 8.1 system} and let me say, great sound and a few compliments on the looks."

Robert D. from Peoria, IL | HT-808's

"I purchased the HT-33 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Set for my son after giving him my older receiver. They arrived well packaged, on time & look awesome. After hooking them up I realized what a good buy these are. They sound great. The highs are awesome & the bass is quite good. A small subwoofer is to be added next which should make this setup pound."

Mike G. from Estevan, SK | HT-33's

"What can I say? After reading all the great reviews here on the Streem site, I figured I'd go ahead and give them a try. I picked up the HT-33 set and boy was I glad I did. They were more than helpful with all my questions and the wonderful and friendly customer service was top notch! These speakers are easily worth more than twice the price you will pay for them! By far! I ordered them on Tuesday and they were here 3 days later! And boy were they well packaged. Double boxed and heaaavvy!! They were a breeze to hook up thanks to the banana plug connections on all the speakers and in no time flat I was picking my jaw off the carpet as I listened to the THX certification segment of my first dvd selection. The clarity and overall sound quality of these speakers are truly inspiring. They're a sheer delight to listen to! And even though the HT-33 setup may be the youngest member of the Streem family, these things put out VERY IMPRESSIVE bass that easily fills up my apartment with more than I'll ever need. And I consider myself quite the bass head considering I have a 15" sub and with 1000watts on it in the car!

If you're even slightly skeptical about this new and upcoming company, and are reading all kinds of reviews first to see what experiences others are having with these products before you decide to spend the money, then you are doing exactly what I did. But I'm here to reassure your thoughts and extinguish your doubts: Streem is for real. Their prices are insane. Get ready to be amazed.

Great job Streem!"

Gregory H. from Raleigh, NC | HT-33's

"I recently purchased the Streem HT808 speaker package. Packaging was very good, and the speakers themselves are great quality for the money. The performance was above par, and power handling was superb, as I have had a chance to really crank them up the other day with "g-force" Kenny G, and put a 75-100 watts in them and they handled the power very well, no distortion, and very loud levels. I like their construction, they are solid. All in all, the Streems are a great value and shouldn't disappoint."

Morgan M. from Redlands, CA | HT-808's

"This was my first set of surround speakers, i have heard everything, paradigm, athena, bose, but the price was silly. When i saw these on ebay and saw the price, i said it is too good to be true, but was i wrong, double boxed, extra gauge wire that i asked for, and they are better looking then some of the best out there. I hooked these beauties up and all i could say was wow, they sounded awesome, my friend came over (he has athena speakers) and we know what he paid. He said these Streem speakers sounded better than his, so there you go, dont look at the price, look at the warrenty, the wookmanship, and the sound, i just saved thousands by taking a chance with a new company, thxs Streem."

Jason R. from Okanagan Falls, BC | HT-808's

"I received the ht-33 speaker system and to my suprise they were excellent speakers. The sturcture of the speakers are amazing and the sound quality is out of this world. There is no need for a power subwoffer with this set. A++"

Dennis G. from Prairie du Chien, WI | HT-33's

"I received these double boxed speakers about 5 days after purchase. I came home at lunch from work just so I could install the speakers and see just how cheaply made they were. I just knew they couldn't be very well made for the money. O contrair, I was speachless at the looks of these speakers. They are very well constructed of only the highest caliber of materials. As I opened the protective screens I was put back a second time. The 2 8" low range woofers were very pleasing to the eye as well as the configuration of the midrange and tweeter. Now as i have listened to them for about 2 months I have really noticed the clearity of the voices throughout movies, tv programs and the like. These speakers perform well out of there price range. To say the least, I was very pleasently suprised and pleased with my purchase.

The speaker really don't need much of a subwoofer for music as the four 8" woofers handle all the lows most "good" music sends to them. They have a crisp reaction to sound and do not muddle the sound any like some cheaper speakers would. Yet they are not too bright on the highs so that you squint when something from a movie comes through the tweeters. For most movie watching they are great without a sub, but you might want to pick one up as they compliment this system very well. If you have a reciever that has the ability to show there is no sub, the lows will go through the two fronts and the dual 8's will glow. All in all I would suggest you try these speakers and see if you don't get MORE for your money than other sound systems."

Austin W. from Overland Park, KS | HT-808's

"I orginally bought the HT-33 set for the cabinets alone, which would have been well worth it. They are solid and look very nice, there is nothing cheesy about them. But after listening to them, I have changed my predisposition of buying replacement drivers. On axis responce is pretty good with very low audible distortion driven at rated power. The front towers put out suprising amounts of bass, although just a touch boomy. This factor disappeared after transfering low end duties to my home sub. These speakers really do well for home theatre and okay for music. I couldn't complain if I had paid twice as much for them!"

Michael W. from Niagara Falls, NY | HT-33's

"I recently purchased the HT-808 package, and I can't believe the quality of these speakers. I spent about 6 or 7 months looking for my ideal home theater system. Right away, I came across the Streem product line, but was hesitant because they were a relatively new company. I spent the next few months watching for reviews on this system, and after finding only the highest remarks, I took a chance and went with them.


First, the speakers come double boxed with plenty of packaging. This was the first sign of quality. Once you get these out of the box, it hits you. I haven't seen a better looking speaker anywhere. The chrome on the bottom of the towers is the icing on the cake.

After hooking up these babies to my amp, it was poetry to my ears. The range of these speakers is unreal. Adding a subwoofer would be insulting to this system. I'm already worried about getting kicked out of my apartment because of the bass these produce. Not to mention, when I play an acoustic track, you really feel as though you are right there in concert. The clarity of the high range is amazing.

I think it is important to mention this: when I received the package, one of the woofers in the fronts was defective. But within 3 days, the speaker left my place, was fixed and returned. Now that's customer service.

Bottom line, this has got to be the best steal on the net. It is unfortunate that these aren't in stores where you could hear them for yourself, but then they would have to increase the price like their competitors. Take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed."

Chris C. from Ottawa, ON | HT-808's

"I have had my Streem tower speakers, FS-808 for over a month now and am very pleased. This is the first time I have ever bought anything on line. I even mailed them a check because I had a good feeling about the dealer; they arrived right on schedule. The packing was something else; they could have dropped it from an airplane and it would have been fine. They look great and sound even better; I shopped around before and they are a great value too."

Thomas K. from Phoenix, AZ | FS-808's

"I am very impressed with my Streem speakers. They were a great buy!!!!"

Brad L. from Peoria, IL | HT-808's

"I probably looked for a 6 mo. period of time at every add on E-Bay and Audiogon at the maze of speakers available. I don't claim to be an audiophile, but have garnered a broad taste in music over the years ranging from rock n roll to funk, new age, classical, blues, and other fusion I don't even know the names of!

I chose Streem speakers based mostly on the reviews and Canadas' reputation for producing high end, affordable eqipment. I found on my initial listening a clarity that just wasn't evident in my old Infinity 120 speakers and a liquid mid-range that put a big smile on my face. While these do sound somewhat bright, it's nothing that has caused me discomfort and on occasion has made the hair on my neck stand up!

The 808's are built rock solid and come complete with brass spikes which grip my carpet. I gave the bass a boost with the addition of a sub-woofer and now I'm set to listen to my cd collection all over again. I think these are a steal for the price and highly recommend these for overall listening regardless of the music you throw at them.

They fill my 16'x 17' front room with lush sounds worth a listen. My young friend wants to take these off my hands any time I'm ready and that says a lot to me. They cross over into age brackets that surprise me! Thank you Streem and for the honest reviews which helped immensely!"

Terry S. from Costa Mesa, CA | FS-808's

"I recently just bought the HT-33 Home Theater package, and all I can say is WOW! I mean the sound is amazing and clear. I have listened to many different speakers, Infinity, Pioneer, Polk. The HT-33's are excellent not only for the great price, but for the great sound. I highly recommend that you give them a listen you won't be disappointed."

Jonathan D. from Purdin, MO | HT-33's

"To be honest I was both pleased and surprised. I can't say these compete with a $10,000.00 system. But I can't afford that either!

To start off with, I believe you can judge to a certain degree, the quality of a product based on how well it's prepared and packaged. The speakers were in doubled up boxes, wrapped in fitted plastic, and protected by fitted foam end caps. The boxes were extra thick and really well taped and all areas were sealed, not just taped across the opening but completely sealed up. Streem really wanted these to arrive in good shape and well protected.

Now to the speakers, they included everything you need, even wires although I threw those out, I had higher grade monster cables already.

The HT-808's all used gold plated banana type connectors, on a mounted receptacle, not glued in but screwed in as it should be. The wood is nice and looks and feels real, the speakers are solid and don't seem to flex or vibrate so the high ends seem clear, and the mid range is solid. I thought the bass to be a bit boomy, but that may just be me, I have a raised wood floor that tends to act like a sounding baffle for lower notes. To that point, the bass was tighter than my old speakers, and more full than my Bose 901's I used in another room.

The speakers included, spikes for the mains, I really was thankful that I did not have to drill and add new ones.

The center channel is bright and clear, voices are distinct but not shrill. I again was pleased the one it replaced was narrow and sometimes piercing to listen to. (Pioneer). It's nice to have matched tweeters, the movement of effects across channels was smooth, and moved easily without drawing attention to itself.

All in all I am very happy, I would compare these to the high-end speakers of stores like Best Buy or Circuit City. But again not to compete with the real audiophile grade stuff from specialty stores that I can't afford anyway.

I feel comfortable recommending these, I'm pleased with the price, and feel I received a great value. And the real key, my kids and wife think I did okay and had no complaints. I've already showed them off to a few friends who like me are wanabe audiophiles, they too were impressed with the price vs quality value."

Michael M. from Antioch, CA | HT-808's

"I recently purchased the Streem HT-33 surround sound speaker system. I received the speakers in the mail very quickly, and they all were expertly packaged and looked great! All the necessary hardware was included. After setting them up to my new receiver, they sounded really great. Very nice mids and highs and great bass. I added a 12" subwoofer for deeper bass response for movies, but you actually don't really need a sub with these great towers. However, if you really want the rumble of deep bass from movies, or want more bass in your music, I would suggest either a powered subwoofer or the larger Streem speaker set.

I use this system for both music listening, and the audio on my TV. They are great for jamming tunes and home theater too, and the towers are not too obtrusive. Being a decorator, I also needed something that would look nice in the living room. The light colored wood, coupled with a shiny accent piece on the bass port, is a great addition to my hardwood floors, and the wiring and everything else was a breeze. I would definately suggest the HT-33 system for both music and theater."

George S. from Parma, OH | HT-33's

"The Streem HT-33 5 piece speaker set have brilliant, pure clear sound that can fill a large rec. room. The speaker set sound did superb with dvd's and music. Build quality and LOOKS are very, very impresive!!! Don't let the price FOOL you. EXCELLENT DEAL....FIVE STARS TO STREEM***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Denis B. from Thunder Bay, ON | HT-33's

"This speaker sounds great. Looks good too. Very pleased with this product."

Dave T. from Santa Maria, CA | CV-525

"The speakers are great! Nice sound, look great and the delivery was good company too go through."

Angela G. from Regina, SK | HT-33's

"The speakers (HT-808 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker Combo) look and sound great. I have yet to optimize the installation, but sound definition is crisp."

Pierre P. from Clifton Park, NY | HT-808's

"These speakers are awesome!!! I purchased the Streem HT-808 package and absolutely love it. They look and sound great and the best part was the price!!! Shop and compare and U`ll see Streem will give you the most bang for the buck!!!"

Scott C. from Cumberland, RI | HT-808's

"I purchased a pair of FS-808 Floor standing speakers and they are just great. The sound is superb, it's clear quality sound that anyone can enjoy. I recommend them as a great pair of speakers to invest in."

Jerry W. from Jacksonville, FL | FS-808's

"The best customer service in the market!! Thank You!! Speakers are great!! When watching movies my wife gets scared thinks someone is breaking in, but its just the surround sound your speakers bring!!! Thanks again!!!"

Russ L. from Henderson, NV | SR-280's

"Great quality speaker system for the money. I had quite a time to convince my wife that we needed such a system (to go with our new TV and DVD player). After watching 2 movies I don't think she could go back to the "old" way. I think she's even more impressed with the sound quality than I am ... and I'm impressed."

David V. from Halifax, ON | HT-33's

"I recently purchased the HT-33 5-Piece Surround Sound Speakers and am delighted with their looks, their quality and most of all their SOUND. Excellent product backed by an up and coming company that will surely succeed in becoming a household name. Buy them you won't be disappointed!"

Louise F. from Ottawa, ON | HT-33's

"After my kids gave me a 6:1 receiver, I needed to upgrade my sound system for centers and rears. Checked all local stores for good quality speakers (Pioneer, Yamaha, CerwinVega, etc.) but shocked a the price. Checked eBay and found StationStreet and Streem speakers... Quality and price were right .. excellent ordering experience.

Two centers (front & rear) and two rears are now installed and I'm enjoying the DVD surround sound experience. Great speakers at a good price and a 5 yr warranty to boot."

Rick V. from Kincardine, ON | SR-280's and CV-525

"Excellent speakers, quality sound. Very impressed with overall performance."

Devin P. from Melfort, SK | SR-280's

"I recently bought a set of HT-808 5-Piece Surround Sound Speaker. These are the best speaker you can buy for under fifteen hundred dollars,and I paid under five hundred. I power them with a Yamaha VX1 and wow!!!!!!!! Great sound at a low cost!!! My hat is off to a great new company!!!"

Nathan O. from Barrie, ON | HT-808's

"Absolutely unbelievable! I couldn't have spent my money any wiser!"

Roger G. from New York, NY | HT-33's

"We purchased the FS-808 fronts, CV-525 center channel and SR-280 rear surround speakers on eBay and wanted to let you know how happy we are with our speakers. We spent a few weeks listening to different types and models of speakers at some local electronics stores and had decided to go with a full size speaker package rather then the smaller home-theater-in-a-box type of setup mostly because the sales people we talked to all seemed to agree that is where you are going to get your best and fullest sound.

After deciding on a particular set of speakers we came across your products online and were really impressed with the price. Even with the shipping we would be paying significantly less than if we bought out of the store and the specs were very close (Streem's were better in a couple of areas) so we decided to go with Streem. We have had them for about 2 weeks now and are absolutely and completely happy. They sound so beautiful and clear and they look awesome with the rest of our equipment. Thanks so much for producing such a fantastic product!"

Dan S. from Miami, FL | HT-808's

"We received our speakers a couple of weeks ago. (ht-33) 5pc what can I say they fit into our decor perfectly and the sound is fantastic now we hear all the sounds in a movie and the music. Thank you so much"

Than N. from Rockaway, NJ | HT-33's

"awesome product!!!"

Mark L. from Nepean, ON | HT-33's

"My friend told me about your company so I got your [FS-808, CV-525, and SR-280] speaker package online for my husbands birthday. I didn't know how to hook them up but I took them out of the box and replaced the old speakers we have with them and when he came home and walked in the room his jaw dropped. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't compliment them and thank me for buying them for him. Thanks for the great products!"

Cindy M. from Detroit, MI | HT-808's

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